FITactic MX60 (1-pack) Golf Club Iron Wedge Groove Regrooving Sharpener Cleaner Tool + one FREE Sharpening HEX Head

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MGA 0003
0.20 LBS
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Buy one get one FREE replacement sharpening head.

1. For all grooves, wedges, irons and all brands. 2. Sharpens U square and V grooves as new golf club head. 3. Three "U" and three "V" cutting sharps, 6 cutting sharps in total! (3 or 6 times more than other tools) 4. Made of A2 Vacuum Heat Treated Tool Steel meeting a maximum hardness of 60-65 Rockwell. 5. Tempered with Liquid Nitrogen at -300F to increase the strength and hardness of the "sharps".

6. Comply with USGA and R&A Rules. 7. 100% Money Back Guarantee. 8. IMPROVED, BIGGER & LONGER USE (TPR, soft and comfortable) professional tool handle grip. 9. Precisely made with EDM and CNC cutting and molding machine.

BEST Quality, easiest to use, longest lasting and greatest value groove sharpener!!!

PayandPack MX60 Super Golf Club Cleaner. Package including: 1pc of MX60 Tool grip , 6-sharps replaceable cutting head x 2, Hex wrench with screw, Protective vinyl cap x 1. Every golfer should have one! Sharper your club, "bite" the green, lower the score.