FITactic Rock Climbing Holds Bombs 3-Inch Training Power Pull Up Ball

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3" Diameter Power Ball. Color Red may vary from the images. Come with REAL stainless steel hanger hoook + FREE reinforced nylon webbing + FREE climbing hook. Install anywhere!

Fun, safe, durable, open-hand design. Muscles tendons lay ergonomically & train efficiently. Excellent to add into your workout routine.

Spherical shape increases forearm and grip strength, boosting endurance. A must have for rock climbers, extreme sports Ninja Warrior or SASUKE players. Seamless flawless surface.

Switch from pull-up, to chin-up, to biceps-pull without regrouping.

3"power ball, ideal for smaller hands, or finger & palm training. (There are smooth or grooved surface ball at your choice)

Feel bored to go to the gym? Try FITactic Bombs Training Power Ball. There's a lot to be said about large muscle group and core strength training. The spherical shape of the ball makes these perfect to give you a forearm burning workout. You can do on the Bombs are lock offs, typewriter, pull ups, dead hang and most importantly the core strength workouts you need to have to climb efficiently on steep walls.

There is lack of training aids on the market that allow you to train for a hand injury, but the ball does. With the open hand design, all of your hand tendons lay ergonomically around the ball allowing you to continue to stay on top of your core and upper body strength; injured or not. Since you can rotate the Bombs while on them, you can switch from pull up, to chin, to biceps pull up all in one set. The diameter of each ball is 3 inches which is smaller than the size of a regulation softball. Common places to hang the bombs are from pull up bars, rafters, doorways and of course, everywhere you would think of putting up a hang board. There is No horizontal seam from the manufacturing process to cause the breakage from the seam line.