FITACTIC Universal 3-Piece Diamond Grooved Stomp Traction Pad Grip Mat with Tail Kick for Surfboards, Shortboards, Longboards, Skim boards and more (Red)

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EXTRA GRIP: Keep your back foot in with confidence on critical bottom turns and cutbacks.

QUALITY: We only use first grade diamond grooved EVA foam mat, and our tailor-made back adhesive (a special water-resistance layer added between EVA and adhesive) for longer use without peeling off.

BUY with CONFIDENCE: All FITACTIC products have been developed and tested.

DIMENTIONS: 11.75 x 10.5 inches, 25-30mm (1-1.2 inch) tail kick height.

FITS: Surfboards, Shortboards, Longboards, Skim board by placing the 3 pieces traction pad as your idea. Spread the pieces out for wider boards, closer for narrower ones.


GRIP & COMFORT: Whether you're cruising, grooving, chilling, racing or ripping, FITACTIC traction pads ensure you comfortably stay on your board and have a blast. Quality EVA foam takes the stress off your feet and lower back, allowing you to paddle in comfort and stay longer on the water. Provide a 'warm feel' for your feet when paddling even on cold days.

***IMPORTANCE: Design the lay-out before pads applied. Strongly recommend marking on board before sticking pads.